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Default Leak next to the EGR , Help Please !

I recently Purchased a 1995 Ford F-150 XLT 5.0L V8 4x4 and have been discovering little things here and there that I've been fixing as a project/daily driver. I've recently began experiencing some jumpy transmission and slipping problems and upon inspection of the engine noticed there was a leak next to the EGR but I don't know what the specific piece is called nor if its the cause of the Transmission problem. As well as what would be the cause and the repair for it The spot looks like a side ways double barrel or pair or Binoculars. Its just right of the EGR on the left side of the engine and is leaking as i drive but i can't determine what is leaking due to the Fact that the previous owner did not take care of this truck and the systems inside have a lot of lack of care. Thank you for your time and any answers or tips you may offer.

I have Photos and a Video to post as well.

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Video Link here :


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