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Ken - you're scaring meh!

"Hold one end of the wire to the positive terminal. Hold the other end your hand, making sure to hold on to the insulated part. Quickly tap the wire against the negative terminal for a fraction of a second. Repeat at least 5 times."

I'm thinking of all the young'ins who pop in here and never say much, don't really have anyone to actively mentor them so they read tips and tricks and check out the old skool ways.

Then they go strutting out to the garage all puff chested and brain smart .. just itching to show off their newly acquired skill-set to buddies of lesser skill-sets....

Break for Channel 4 news! ... "Teenager Dies From Exploding Heart and Truck Battery" - More News at 10!

What we leave behind are our words and our deeds. Nothing else really matters.

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