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on the E250 my 1st set (factory Michelins replaced by dealer) got 91,000 mi / 7-1/2 years
I must say the the original factory tires always felt out of balance, the dealer did a 'Road Force' found the tires to be out of spec. and replaced all 4 shortly after I got the Van

I achieved that 91,000 mi by doing a 5 tire rotation as all 5 tires & wheels were the same
now the 5th tire which was the spare and never 'Road Forced' had no problems

the 2nd set (recall) had 17,000 mi / Dec. '13, and still looked like new

I keep the pressure correct and have a computer alignment done, the shop down the road just got a new machine

my front end joints all had plugs instead of zerk fittings, which I changed out and do a grease each tire rotation. The key to long life is grease and not adding so much that you split the boot.

My Dad would kick our ass if we did not clean the zerk fitting before greasing or split a boot

FYI: the 91,000 mi set had only one alignment done at 21,000 mi and wore perfect

NOTE: when the Michelins wore out I put a set of BF Goodrich Commercial tires on to save $300, I drove down the road and had to pull over to see if the tires were low on air or if they failed to install E load Range. The Van was swerving like it had a ton of bricks in the back. Went back and had the Michelins installed and it was a big difference. I'm staying with the Michelin LTX M&S II

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