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Default 4.10 or 4.56? 1995 f-150 towing travel trailer.

So I am going full time trailer life for a year and that means towing my 5000lb Nash 23 footer around the country. I am trying to decide on a new gear ratio of either 4.10 or 4.56. What do you guys think?

I am currently on 33's with a body lift and the H9 axle ratio which I think is 3.55. It's a slug on the hills of Colorado, I can only imagine with the trailer what it would be like.

plan to go to 35's after I get a nice suspension lift so I'm thinking 4.56 is the way to go. I don't need to be hitting 70+ towing on the highway happy at 55-65. I plan on adding a dual sport motorcycle to the tow load for getting around when I settle in area's. So tow load will be like 6000lb total, with me and everything else.

Anyone have any suggestions? I will probably spend most of the time in the Rockies and Pacific Northwest during the spring and summer and then more sea level during the colder months. Is 4.10 plenty? or should I go ahead and go to 4.56 since I plan on adding a bit more wheel radius around Christmas?