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I thought I'd add to this.

I've noticed a couple questions throughout the forum and other forums of which tranny bellhousing will bolt to which engine.

These engine's use the same bellhousing pattern: 351m/400/429/460, 300/302/351w, I haven't had an FT or FE but here is two that share the same bellhousing pattern: 360/390.

Most manual transmissions have a removable bellhousing which can be swapped out, say you have a manual mated to a 400 and you wanna bolt it up to a 351w, you have to get a 300/302/351w bellhousing, the flywheel and clutch from a windsor, and a starter.

The Mazda M5OD and the ZFS5 spd's have an integral bellhousing meaning that they can't be removed and swapped for a differend bellhousing but a bellhousing adapter can be bought to change the bolt pattern to another.

More in a bit..