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Default DoubleDee's Second AR - after mods...

Here's another teaser. AR #2 with parts/assemblies from DPMS and YHM. Anybody see a pattern? I just like what these guys have. This rifle was not an assembled off the shelf rifle. I pieced this one together. It all started last year (2010) with the purchase of a upper assembly that was on sale from DPMS. 16" 1x9" twist chromed barrel, flat top reciever, the standard upper reciever sorta thing:

It had the basic part I was looking for, and I was thinking about "building" an AR anyways. I put "building" in quotes because this wasn't a ground up assembly.
So, while I was in Iraq, I started looking around for the parts I wanted to add, more on that list below. And when I got back... well, I needed a lower. When you buy an AR lower, you have to get it from someone that holds an FFL. Then you have to fill out the paperwork. Which is nothing. And if you don't have the "you don't have to make that phone call" card, then they have to call and check on you. If you've bought a firearm before, you know what I'm talking about. Anyways... at a local gun show, I was able to buy me a DPMS lower. I found one that had the Pardus stock ready to sell, so I bought it. So here's the pics:

Basic AR:

With optics attached:

Looking through the scope:
Yes, it does have an illuminated reticle.

And the red dot:
Trust me, that thing is tiny. (she laughed, 8!TC#)

So here's the rundown:
Upragded parts:
$129.00 YHM (YHM-9636) Rifle length lightweight Float tube
$ 52.99 YHM (YHM-9381A) low profile gas block
$ 17.50 YHM (YHM-BL-04A) carbine length black gas tube
$ 5.50 YHM (YHM-9469) swivel stud
$ 13.99 YHM (YHM-9484A) Forearm End Cap 16/16"
$ 24.99 YHM (YHM-638) Bipod Adapter
$ 13.46 Hogue Grip
$ 19.95 MagPul Aluminum Trigger Guard
$ 30.00 Miculek Compensator
$ 16.29 Carbine Stock Sling Adapter
$323.67 Total on upgrades

$459.00 (BA-50-AP416) Cost for Upper
$270.00 (LR-05PS) Cost for Lower
$729.00 Total for a working rifle

Optics: (aww geez)
$ 891.48 Leupold (47638) Mark 4 MR/T 2.5-8x36mm Illum. MilDot M1 turrets
$ 135.00 YHM (YHM-305-K) 30mm Dual Offset Scope Ring Set
$ 316.24 Leupold (67435) Deltapoint 3.5moa red dot cross slot mount
$ 16.99 YHM Dovetail Angle Mount 1 slot
$ 89.00 Troy Ind. Rear Battlesight
$ 84.95 Troy Ind. Front Battlesight
$1533.66 Total on optics

$2586.33 total spent on build.

So, on 2 ARs.... (i REALLY need to find a better hobby) I've spent 5363.20. Maybe I should just give up on the AR platform.... to much CRAP to spend money on.

And no, I didn't break anything on this rifle during the build. The next upgrade for this rifle will be a chromed bolt. That'll run... bastards don't have their chromed bolt carrier assemblies anymore.... guess it'll have to be the diamond coated one for 184.95.... That sucks.

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