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Cool New old guy with a project

I grew up in a Chevy family. But, I fell in love with the 67 f250 trap wagon/work horse that kept our equipment in the fields. Over weighted with a diesel tank the size of a Prius, air compressor to run the grease bucket, blow dirt, chaff, etc. and of course power the impact guns. The first vehicle I turned a wrench on. The one pickup on the ranch that still starts up on the coldest day after having been parked in the field for a week. Amazing what regular maintenance accomplishes.

I grew up in that time frame of listening, hearing, smelling, feeling and sometimes tasting and wearing my vehicle, to know when the steel horse may not get me home. Gauges would tell me what I already knew but always good for a backup.

Been bouncing around the web looking for information about a new project. Found some good information in these forums. Thought to sign up and have the ability to ask some questions when other types of research fails. Also to perhaps answer some if my research and knowledge would help someone out.