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Cool Another Question - Starting Troubleshooting

I seem to be posting the most questions, and unfortunately, I have another. So far, the answers from you all are batting 1.000 as I have managed to fix every problem on my 1978 F150 that has come up since I've owned it.

Same one, 1978 F150, 400M, Manual 4, 4X4, Ranger package, short bed.

Truck has been running well. This morning when I tried to start it and I heard a kind of an impact, a little grinding, and then sort of a whine. It's not turning over, but it isn't the battery, as it definitely has power.

I have all the wiring diagrams and a schematic of part of the starting system (under the hood only). So, where do I begin to search for the part that I need to order or wiring I need to check?

I should add, since I never have, I am Brent, a 58 y/o structural engineer from Colorado. I am married, no kids, cats, dogs, I'm a drummer, runner, and I have a 2009 F150 Super Crew XLT, too.

Thanks for all your help. Like I said, you are all batting 1.000.