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Question Looking for defroster cover

This is my first post (5/14/19) the sad story is I bought this cool blue 06' F150 to use/donate to my cub/boy scout camp and some dirtbag(s) punch the door and drove it away and stripped some parts. Good news it is back and the insurance compant paid me enough to replace what was taken plus what was broken before it was stolen, so I have about $500 to spend. So ONE part that was busted off and I cannot find online or at a dealers is the drivers door defroster vent. While it has a Ford part number 4L34-1523942 08-A which is actually the part number for the whole door panel.... So I am looking for a screen cover IF anyone knows a place that has one? I am even think if I found a person with a 3D printer to just make me a cover plate? Thanks, ScouterDonn@gmail.com