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Originally Posted by JSoko View Post
lastly if unknown mods have been done to the engine, say a cam change then stock jets need changing
then there are other possibilities with the valve train/cam/push rods/lifters

does it ever pop through the carb when you get on it ?

also are you positive it's a 351M?
First off, thanks for your reply

yes it does appear to be a 351 according to all the indentiyfing info I've read and the VIN

and yes it has popped when I was playing with the carb with the air filter off, a brand new filter that I bought, 14" mustang 4" open element

well I have lots of receipts from the previous owner, here's what the engine work reads

cylinder head surface
install cam bearings
fit pins
valve job
(the following is hard to read, I'll do my best, some may not make sense)
rebore block?
hone cylinders
recondition rods?
clean motor and parts
install f plug
pc heads?
Knwl valve guides?

and as I said, its a 4bbl Holley carb, also has a Holley Electric Fuel Pump