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Fuel leak solved
Many thanks to Hawaiian150 and JSoko.
For those that have this problem, here’s what I did
1. Pulled bed off back of Ranger as suggested. This exposes to of Fuel tank without having to drop Tank.
2. Found that truck bed had pinched fuel line causing massive fuel leak under pressure.
3. You can find fuel line repair kits (see below)
4. The 2 lines on the front sending unit consist of one 3/8” elbow coupler with a 5/16” fuel line. This repair kit is a hard to find. May have to go to dealer. The other coupler is a straight line 5/16” coupler with a 5/16” fuel line (this one is an easy repair kit to find at most any parts store.) Read instructions and splice lines. Easy fix.

My Ranger has been” sitting up” for over a year; added fresh gas and a can of Sea Foam. Started up no problem.
Now Water Pump is leaking. I know this is due to Ranger now running for over a year. Put in a can of Water Pump lubricant but no Joy. Pump still leaks.
Question? What do I need to do to replace Water Pump? Looks like I may have to pull radiator and Fan in order to replace Pump. Is this Correct?
I will tackle Transmission regulator vale after replacing the Water Pump.
Thanks again for diagram and advice.