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Originally Posted by big_blue79 View Post
SeaFoam, My Opinion.

I first happened upon SeaFoam while browsing around on the Internet, I read up a bunch of reviews on it, found on another forum I *was* on about how exactly to introduce this to the engine, and what exactly this stuff does.

SeaFoam is a Petroleum product that can be used in Gasoline 4 cycle engine's, Diesels, and even in the 2 cycle Lawn Mowers and Weedeaters. Once introduced, it's supposed to up throttle response, clean the engine, increase MPG's.
BB - SeaFoam's been around for a long time. Good idea in posting about this. This company is over 50 years old and they are as humble as thier product is awesome. No messin around - It just works!

I've used it in all my old trucks and cars. Never used it on any of my newer vehicles only because they didn't need it. If they did need it I would not hesitate to use SeaFoam again.

I use Lucas Oil's Injector cleaner on my '09 truck and my wife's '07 Camry with no problems. But I have heard some stories of other brands of injector cleaners causing problems with the ECM.

Used SeaFoam on my '88 Ford Taurus wagon's engine, gas tank and the transmission. Worked great and never had any problems. In fact the engine ran better and the trans with over 150k miles was crisper than before.

Believe it was originally devolped for marine/boat applications and the craze caught on big time. People realized it worked as great on the inside engine parts as WD-40 worked on the outside parts.


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