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Thumbs up Fatboy

here's a little trivia on the name 'Fat Boy'

the two A-Bombs dropped on Japan during WWII were called Fat Man & Little Boy
Harley's first Fatboy built in 1990 was painted silver and has solid aluminum wheels that where to represent the color & wheel design of the B-29 bomber that dropped the bombs, they took the name of the 2 bombs and came up with 'FATBOY'
the solid wheels became synonymous with the Fatboy

it originally had the 80 cu.in. Evolution engine caller either 'Evo' or 'Blockhead'

in 2000 it came with the newly designed Twin Cam 88 cu.in. 1450 cc engine called the 'Fathead' and

if your bike has a 'B' in the serial # then you have one of the most sought out engines, the smooth and powerful 88B, counterbalanced fuel injected version of the Twin Cam 88, this engine lasted until 2006 and has been replaced by 4 larger engines since 2006

the 110 cu.in. is the largest to date used only in the CVO bikes, Harley's factory performance production bikes, kinda like the FORD SVT;
with the 103 cu.in. being the standard,
the Twin Cam engine has proven to be powerful as well as reliable with the engine lasting up to or past the 80,000 mile mark before a top end rebuild is needed

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