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Originally Posted by LilBit 4x4 View Post
Idk where I'm putting it yet :) I havent been in my truck for a week now

And how far away can I reach someone with the CB? I think my handle is going to be LilBit :)
If your trucks like mine id mount it to the dash in the center just above the floor. In my truck its just below the pop out dash cupholders. In this location itll be out of the way enough to not hinder your driving or obstruct your view. It would advise against putting it on top of the dash because it will get very hot and could damage the radio.

I use a cobra 29 ltd in my frieghtliner classic at work. Find a cb shop in your area and get it peaked and tuned, get a good antennae like a wilson or a k40 and get a heavy co-axial cable.