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Default 4-8-13 small update

heres a quick update on the truck.. it's got nearly 2k miles on the new engine.. and it's now around 7k on the new trans. both are doing amazing.

the Speed Density setup is slightly better than it was originally after the engine was installed.. so it does learn.. if i had 1.6 roller rockers the truck may be ok on speed density. but im keeping the 1.72's.

the rear end is gonna need a rebuild before to long.. it has a small whine at times. fluid is full and good.. checked that at work a few days ago. already knew the limited slip clutches were toast..

removed the decals off the rear window for the performance parts.. tired of haters arguing with me about what i have and what i dont have.. the decals are still on the truck and you'll see below where.. it's a neat not thought of spot. really neat for car shows.