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Default Useless Fuel in Drive

I was at the local watering hole last nite, and got into a disscussion about how in NASCAR the drivers will coast, with either the clutch in or shift to neutral to save gas. And Big Mike said he does that all the time when driving his Truck (auto trans) in traffic and shifts to neutral when at a stop. Well in comes Keven Thompsom (mister know-it-all, and ace mechanic) and after a few drinks and some time later it was found, and agreed upon that Big Mike is actualy useing more gas. Bottom line is, it's not necessary to put an automatic in neutral while sitting at a traffic light. Leaving it in Drive will use less fuel.
Here is Keven Thompsons take " the injectors are shut down completely when coasting in gear, while ideling in neutral still consumes fuel"
Where do I go from here??

comments and suggestions welcomed.

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