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Oil & Filter changed

Hey Chris, I really appreciate that video, it prevented me from making a mess

I used channel locks to loosen the drain plug
then slowly turned it by hand until a small stream of oil came out and I held the plug in the drain hole, it took awhile to drain 8.8 quarts, but I didn't get any on my arms or the floor

and yes, the torsion bar is dead in the way of the oil stream

the drain hole is 1" and if you were to pull the plug away I'm sure all 8 qts would come out very fast and a heavy stream of oil would go everywhere

the oil and trans pan are plastic

I got a little nervious when I removed the factory filter as it's not the same looking as the MC FL 500s
I went and double checked that I had purchased the correct filter

the filter has a plastic drain pan under it to funnel the oil toward the front, and just like my '06 5.4 most of the oil goes out and over the back side and just a little out the front
you have to be quick with the catch pan to keep the oil off the floor

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