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Old July 31st, 2014, 09:26 PM
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Default Having Issues with my 04 F150 5.4L Screw

Hello All! First time poster, had a look around the site and it looks pretty good!

Ok heres my issue guys. !!Warning.. Wall of text Ahead!!!

Bought my truck about 2 years ago, now has just about 300,000km on the engine. Bought it from a dealer with about 250k on it don't know much about the history.

It had phaser knock and a "dieseling" noise from the engine along with a "chain slap" the got progressively worse over the two years. It had me worried for a while but I got reassured doing a bit of research that the noises were fairly common and I should just keep on trucking.. So i did.

I work for a Heavy duty outfit and I'm a 3rd year heavy duty apprentice so I'm fairly comfortable around trucks and engines. so doing my own oil changes is ezpz. last year I started cutting open my filters and low and behold inside the filter... Aluminum... lots and lots of aluminum flakes.. Fuck.

So one day I Decide to pull the D/S valve cover and have a look. Everything looked pretty good, pretty clean but i noticed that the front cover had some scrapes from the timing chain. Bingo that's where my alum is coming from. I love my truck but I just couldn't put any money into to so I bolted everything back up and decided to drive it till it explodes.

Flash forward to yesterday. Finish up at work, drive down the street fill up the tank. Start driving home.. Busy street as usual, AC Cranked, Toons up Loud.. Life is good.
Hit the highway 30km/h - 100km/h takes way longer to get up to speed then usual. weird. Change lanes and accelerate.. very UN-responive.. Fuck.
Toons off window down listening, testing pedal. Somethings wrong.

Get off the highway onto some side streets.
Truck seems to be ticking making more noise then usual. idle rpm might be a little higher then usual. I try to accelerate hard from 0-60 very unresponsive seems like its stuck in a low gear but with no power.
Rpm gets to about 3500 then it finally grabs the next gear. Loud ticking way louder then normal chain slapping.. So what happened?

Did one of the VCT's fuck up and now one half of my engine is out of time?
Did i skip a gear with my timing chain? (I'm I luck i didnt skip 2 teeth?)

Any ways sorry about the wall of text but it was kind of fun writing it!
Old August 1st, 2014, 07:59 AM
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Hi matttrox, welcome to the club. I'm not a engine guru by any means, but what you first describe sounds like timing chain is shot and maybe crank and or crank sensor. I have the same exact truck as you, 5.4 04Screw and when I first bought the truck, it had 104K miles and I was concerned on the mileage. My mechanic checked it out and said the timing and crank sensor can be an issue, but with this truck all seem well. Knock on wood, it's been almost 5 years since I bought it and it's been the most trouble free vehicle I've owned. Hopefully some other guys with way more knowledge than me will reply some ideas to you. Again, welcome!

04 FX4 Scab 5.4

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