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Old February 24th, 2018, 09:41 AM
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Default RAMORRISON1 Introduction

Hello Members of Ford Truck Club,

Found this site looking up info on the EEC-IV ECU Board Components. My 1988 F150 5.0L AOD decided to take a rest and not start. After performing all the Spark and Fuel checks started in on the Battery and System checks where I found I wasn't getting VREF to the TPS, MAP, and EGR sensors.

Further isolation led me back to the ECU, so I removed it and opened the case to find a crispy chip with three of the pins off the DIP CHIP had burned into the PWB board.

Can find all the info on the 60 pin ECU Connector and the EEC IV control functions to the sensors and actuator, but nothing on the ECU board layout to determine which input lines caused the chip to fry.

Figured if I could get the schematic of the ECU PWB layout could determine what line/component shorted or froze up to cause the over current to the unit.

I've ordered a new ECU that will arrive on Tuesday. Guess I get to spend the weekend ringing out the entire wiring harness to each component for grounds to signal side, and then checking across the components to determine which one is bad.

Attaching some pics of the ECU Board and chip that is burned. It's at the side of the board next to the Heat sink/voltage regulators. Would be greatly appreciative if someone could ID the signals that DIP Chip controls.
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Name:	ecu pwb top 1.jpg
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Name:	ecu chip 1.jpg
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Old February 26th, 2018, 10:11 AM
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Central Florida welcomes you to the club. Good luck finding a diagram for that board. If I had to guess, that chip just gave up the ghost on you. Is that green capacitor next to it before or after the chip? If it's before, looks like it wasn't a surge since it's not swollen or busted. Kinda hard to see without having it in my hand.
Old March 6th, 2018, 08:52 PM
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Thanks CF for the input. Believe a lot of that Chip burn started a very long time ago. Have a No Start issue and ended up checking a bunch of things. Have always had a TPS Error code so checked the Vref signal to the TPS, EGR, and MAP Sensors and found it was missing.

Decided to pull the ECU and found the burned chip. Replaced the ECU and now have Vref, but still a No Start. Replaced the TFI and stupidly didn't mark the Distributor when lifting, so had to put back to TDC. Of course the Oil Pump Shaft had to pull out and make things more a Pain.

Rang out all the wiring from ECU Connector to Sensor, Actuators, Grounds, and Fuel Inj. Didn't get any AH HA readings of Shorts or Opens to anything.

Get Spark at Cap, but not sure getting a Good Spark at Plugs. Think the Vref has been bad for a long time and caused Truck to run rich. I only drive it to run chores once in a while, and never got down to correcting all the drivability problems - too many other projects always seem to come first.

Anyway, believe I may have Flooded the Intake. This was the first Truck my Dad bought Brand New back in 1988, so one day wanted to restore. Redid the Engine back about 5yrs ago because of the same problem, but once I got it running never perfected the drivability. TPS fault code makes me think the Vref issue was there back then. Since rebuilding the engine it always starts, but runs very rough at times. Replaced the CAT back with engine and again about a year ago, so pretty sure sending too much fuel and not enough air and/or spark.

Don't have a garage to work in (True Shade Tree Mechanic), and weather has not cooperated the best. There always seems to be something else to fix or work on for family, friends, neighbors, etc., so the Truck gets to sit for now. It still looks good and could be a really nice truck again one day.
Old March 7th, 2018, 03:24 PM
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Is the throttle cable stretched? Maybe not be opening the throttle body enough to allow
for the correct air flow. My throttle cable on my 91 was fraying before I had changed it. Less strands holding it together make it more prone to stretching.

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