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Old May 10th, 2017, 10:15 PM
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Default 1992 F-150 Flareside For Sale (asking $1900/best)

Overall, a really solid, good example of a pretty unusual truck. It does need a little.

Very strong running 5.0 litre / 302ci V-8 with automatic trans and 209,000 miles, but engine was rebuilt at 155,000 miles. Runs out well, you really will not be disappointed in how it runs. Starts easily, runs cleanly with no chop or misses or roughness, no check engine lights, no performance problems. It uses a little oil. No blue cloud coming out the exhaust at all, it just uses a little and we check oil level with every other full tank of gas used, just to be sure. Sometimes it takes a little, sometimes it's the 3rd or 4th tank full, just understand that you need to check proactively.

Transmission always performed fine, but...in last 2 weeks we've noticed some trans fluid on the driveway and now suddenly it's not shifting correctly from idle/stopped into first gear. It will go into gear, just not properly as it is supposed to. Best way I can describe this is that at a stop, it might feel like it should, normal and in first gear and ready to go...but, it might also feel for a moment like you're in neutral...you remove your foot from the brake and, slowly, it finds first gear and off you go. Or, if you gun the throttle a bit, there's a brief lag, but then it pops right into first. Once you're moving, it goes through the gears just like it always did (ie, not crisp and perfect, but efficient and predictable). I took it in to our mechanic today (5/8) and he said we should do a pressure test followed by an inspection of the pump and torque converter. It's leaking some trans fluid around the area of the front pump seal (the torque converter seal). He says it's not a lot of fluid but that this definitely seems to be where it's originating. So his options to me were: install the new seal, and he thinks there's a chance this solves the leak and the shift problem; or buy a rebuilt trans and start with everything new. So I'm kind of at a crossroads here because I don't honestly know if I want to invest in either option. In fact I know I don't want to. So, if you're a mechanic or know a good mechanic, then maybe you can see past this issue and get the work needed done at a good price. Door tag states trans type "T", so my understanding is that this is the "AOD" trans, one of two possible options in this truck.

We've had the truck for a little over 3 years and it's been overall very reliable. We've done some work which needed to be done over the years, which includes (and we have all receipts):

* Major tune up
* New Water pump
* New Starter
* New radiator
* Very recent brakes
* New solenoid/wiring
* New serpentine/belts/pulley assembly
* New dual exhaust system. Crawl under the truck and you will see the exhaust work, we did the work in 2015, we have all the receipts, etc, this was from converter back, not all the way up to the manifold. The truck has got a throaty sound to it, this is due to there being some exhaust noise was up front near the manifolds and we chose not to fix that because it did not affect performance and because my daughter loves the raspy noise to the exhaust.
* Tires were brand new all the way around in 2014, they have about 30,000 miles on them

The body is as you see it. Parts of the rear/box/wheel flares are fiberglass, again, this was the way Ford built these from factory. The bed itself is clean, solid, and not rusted out, and is covered by the one piece, solid fiberglass tonneau cover and has full interior plastic bed liner. The only real rust issue on the truck can be seen in the photos on the left/driver's side cab corner, where they all tended to rust. There's a small hole in the cab corner and a patch of surface rust on the leading edge of the door. A few tiny bubbles under the paint around the left front wheel opening. Definitely repairable if you're so inclined. Floorboards etc are not rusted through, but this area around the driver door needs some TLC. Interior driver's door handle broke off in her hand the other day. Have not ordered the part yet but, again, easy fix.

Other known issues...truck has 2 fuel tanks and a separate fuel pump for each. Fuel pump for rear tank stopped pumping and likely needs to be replaced...it wasn't a critical thing for us, she just has been using the front tank. The right rear leaf spring "shackle" needs to be repaired...this is essentially a metal band which wraps around the leaf spring and keeps the layers of the leaf together...we got a price of $125-150 from Joliet Spring locally here to have the shackle re-welded properly. It doesn't affect the suspension in any noticeable way, and this only happened last month, so we put this on hold for the moment but it should get done. You can sometimes hear a metal on metal creaking noise at low speeds as one of the sides of the leaf spring assembly which came loose is actually rubbing against the exterior/bottom surface of the bed. Not a big deal, just something you should be aware of.

There was some minor parking lot damage, right side door, someone creased the door and slightly bent the right outside mirror, you can see the crease if you look closely in the photos. It's not terrible, it's a used door or a door skin needed, if you're inclined to fix it. The truck is too nice overall to not fix it, probably...your call.

Tailgate works fine, left side latch is a little tempermental sometimes, but you can make it latch if you know the trick.

Otherwise, the photos speak for themselves...a really fun, really cool and kind of unusual truck. Can use a bit of TLC but not a lot to be standing tall. Asking $1,900/best offer, truck is located in zip 60491, suburban Chicago.

Please email me at: team-m@comcast.net

I will answer questions promptly. Thank you!
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Old May 11th, 2017, 12:30 AM
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Is the trans an AOD or E4OD?

2003 F-150 XL RCSB 2wd 4.2 5 speed 3.55 LS
Old May 11th, 2017, 07:53 AM
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hi...that's a good question...now i just learned there are apparently 2 trans options...i will find out for you, somehow. not sure what's the easy way to find this info, i assume it's stamped somewhere like the door, i will look, thank you
Old May 11th, 2017, 09:07 AM
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There's a sticker on the door jamb, look for a letter under TRANS.

E4OD is "E", AOD is "T".

2003 F-150 XL RCSB 2wd 4.2 5 speed 3.55 LS
Old May 11th, 2017, 11:48 AM
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door tag states transmission is "T", so it's the AOD trans
Old June 9th, 2017, 06:55 AM
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Originally Posted by 92flaereside View Post
This helpful PhenQ official blog states transmission is "T", so it's the AOD trans
Was it sold yet?

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$1900 or best , 1992 , f150 , flareside , sale

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