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Old October 25th, 2011, 10:21 PM
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Post General 1980-1986 Bronco info.

Okay, I was bored and need to list more content on the site so here goes, I'll break this down into the different years so there will be more posts in the other sections also...

1980-Early 1982 The Bronco still came from the factory w/ a 351m or 400 but in 1980 FoMoCo introduced the 300 I6 in the Bronco as the base engine, the First Gen Fullsize only used the 351m or 400.

Mid 1982-1984 The Engines were changed, the 351m and 400 were phased out as FoMoCo couldn't update them for the new generation smog requirements so the 302 and 2V(NOTE- 2V doesn't stand for "2 Valve" like the 351c, instead it stands for "Venturi" the number of "Barrels" in the carburetor)351w was introduced, while the 300 was still used as base engine.

1984-1986 The 351w High Output engine was introduced as an option, this is the 4V(once again not "Valve" but "Venturi") version of the 351w, up until this was introduced the 300 made more Lb/Ft of TQ than the 302 did and was near close in TQ to the 2V 351w, HP for the 4V was 210 @ 4000 RPM compared to 156 @ 4000 RPM on the 2V. The 302 started seeing EFI in 1985 and continued on through the years. The 300 was still the base engine.

Manual Tranny's- 4 speed Borg Warner(BW) T-18, 4 speed New Process 435(Np435), and the 4 speed Tremec RTS Over/Drive manual tranny(used behind the 300 mostly).

Automatic Tranny's- Ford C6 and Ford AOD(Automatic Over/Drive), the AOD was used behind the 302 mainly whereas the C6 was used behind the 351w as it produced more TQ and the transmission was more HD that the AOD.

FoMoCo used the New Process(Np) 208 supposedly until about 1984-Early 1985 when the Borg Warner(BW) 1345 was introduced(NOTE, I've had 2 4x4 1986 Ford's 1 F250 HD and my Bronco and they both came w/ the Np208 stock.)

Trim Levels-
The Trim Levels for the 1980-Early 1982 were Custom, Ranger and Ranger XLT w/ F O R D on the Hood and Tailgate, Mid 1982 the letters were replaced by the Blue Oval in the center of the Grille and on the Tailgate, the Trim Levels became Base(No Badging other than "Bronco" and the Blue Oval's) XL, XLS(an EXTREMELY RARE trim level used, I've only seen one set of interior pieces and they went for at least $500 on Ebay), XLT, and The Eddie Bauer package was introduced in 1985. There was also optional Power low mount swing lock mirrors(I've yet to see any).

Front- Dana 44 Twin Traction Beam(TTB) hybrid front axle which is a cross between the I-beam independent front suspension and the Solid axle Dana 44.

Rear- The 9" was used until about 1982-1983 when the 8.8 was introduced into the Bronco's it was supposed to be the only axle used(my 1986 came w/ the 9" factory which I've been told by FoMoCo is pretty rare).
Old October 26th, 2011, 09:14 AM
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nice write-up
now you need to tell us about the early years '66 & up

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Old October 28th, 2011, 10:47 PM
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Also, a Bronco could be ordered(take for instance my color Shadow Blue and White w/ Blue top) w/ a different colored top from the regular paint color. I've come across a Black and Silver 1979 Bronco w/ a White top.

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