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Old July 7th, 2011, 12:42 AM
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Lightbulb How To Replace Headlamp Bulb

F150 headlamp bulb replacement
This details the steps on how to replace headlamp (or headlight) bulbs for the ‘96-’09 Ford F150.

The year models are divided according to the procedure of headlamp replacement. We start with the ‘96, then the 97-03, the ‘04-’08 and finally the ‘09 model.


◦As always, make sure that the car is off. Disconnect the battery cable, and that the ignition switch is in the “OFF” position.
◦Don’t hold the bulb by the glass. The bulbs are quite fragile so be gentle with them.

‘96 F150

This model is by far the easiest. The process is very simple and direct.


Part of the simplicity of this process is that there are no tools required.


1 .Pop-up the hood. The hood release latch is near the parking brake.
2. Look behind the headlight assembly. Look for the electrical connector and disconnect it by pulling on the wires.
3. Remove the retaining ring by turning it counterclockwise.
4. You should see the bulb’s plastic base. Just pull it out without turning or twisting.
5. Viola! You have removed the lightbulb!
To replace the bulb, just reverse the process.

‘97-’03 F150

For these models, the process is slightly different but not more difficult. If you can pull out a drawer and re-insert it, then you can do this process.


Again, your hands are more than enough.


1. Lift up the hood.
2. Look for the securing clips for the headlight (refer to the image). Pull rearward and up to release these clips.
3. The assembly should be loose at this point. Pull it forward (towards the front of the vehicle) so you can see the connector.
4. Pull the connector off through the wires.
5. Turn the retaining ring counterclockwise and remove it.
6. Then pull the bulb off.
To put in a new bulb, again, just reverse the process. Just align the headlight assembly with the guide ribs and push it back in. As we said, it’s just like re-inserting a drawer. Then just push down on the securing clips.

Bulb removal
‘04-08 F150

The difference with these models is that this time, you’re gonna need some tools, or to be more exact, just a tool. But all in all, the procedure follows pretty much, the same direction as other models.


Just a Screwdriver.


1. It all starts with lifting the hood.
2. Look for and loosen the three retaining screws. Don’t loose them!
3. Then pull out the headlamp assembly. Quite similar to the ‘97-’03 models, only you also have to disconnect the snap attachments to the fender.
4. Look for the connector and pull it out.
5. This is where it’s easier compared to others: just twist the bulb counterclockwise and pull it out. No more retaining rings to worry about.
To replace, just reverse the process. Note: make sure the assembly is aligned and will snap into place once you re-insert it.

‘09 F150

This model has more steps compared to others, but no biggie. Anyone can still do it.


Again, a screwdriver.

'09 F150 bulb replacement

1. It all starts with lifting the hood.
2. Look for the pushpin and pull it out. Use a flat screwdriver to pop it out.
3. Look for the three retaining screws. Two are at the top of the headlight assembly while the last one is at the bottom lower corner.
4. Slide out the assembly. Also remove the two snap attachments.
5. Disconnect the connector.
6. Like the ‘04-08 models, twist the bulb counterclockwise and pull it out. And you’re done!

'09 F150 bulb removal
Again, just reverse the process when replacing the bulb.

And so that’s that for the Ford F150 headlamp bulb replacement.

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