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Old December 22nd, 2012, 12:19 PM
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Default Starter Difference's

I've found that not all aftermarket starters are alike. O'Reilly's, and Advance Auto have the same part number for starter's between 302's and 351w's but I've found that the starters, even with shims, would slap the flexplate on my Bronco. I've been through 3 flexplates on it because of it, 5 starters from O'Reilly's, and 1 starter from Advance Auto, until a friend of mine brought me a starter in a bunch of parts he didn't want. This starter, with the shim, doesn't slap my flexplate, it's an aftermarket starter, has smaller diameter bolt holes, and a smaller cone and cone nose.

The starter's that both Advance Auto and O'Reilly's sell, Advance is World Wide Industries IIRC, and O'Reilly's is Cardone, they both have 1/2" size holes for the starter bolts.

In this picture, the starter on the left is an OEM 302/351w Starter and the one on the Right is the WWI Starter from Advance Auto:



You'll notice in this pic, the cone on the OEM starter, that from the end of the cone to the base of where the cone is, is a little over 2 1/8":

and it's a little over 7/8" from bushing to starter nose:

The WWI starter from Advance is a little under 2 1/8":

From the bushing to end of nose cone is a tad longer than 7/8"(sorry about the pic, trying to hold the tape measure and phone and take a pic one handed):

Now in this pic, the OEM is still on the left, but the starter my buddy brought over is on the right:


It's a little over 2 1/8" as well:

BUT less than 7/8" from Bushing to the Nose of the cone:

Now in this pic, you can see the starter here is the WWI from Advance, the holes are about 1/2" in diameter:

The starter that my buddy brought over has about 3/8" diameter holes, here you can see both starters, straight in the air, starter on the right is my current one, the starter on the left is the WWI:

Quite a bit of difference. Even with the shim, both the OEM and the WWI try to knock teeth off the flexplate, the one I got doesn't, it starts up quiet every time.

Hope this helps someone!

Last edited by BigBlue79; December 22nd, 2012 at 12:28 PM.

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