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Old February 6th, 2015, 10:22 PM
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Default Starting from scratch

So I'm in school, I've learned a lot and I've come to the realization that I'm not going to be able to keep the 302 that I just rebuilt in my truck. I was rushed and nothing was done right. I should've listened to y'all and just did the "SixLiter" tune, exhaust, and intake work like I was told. And Booba if you are reading this, that is directed toward you and I've learned my hard and expensive lesson and I apologize. But, after all of this I'm doing what I should have in the beginning but in reverse order instead of buying an engine and building it, I'm buying an engine that is running to go in the truck and a new E4OD to go behind it just to get it up and running. Then I'm taking the 302 in it now and rebuilding it right but I think I'm going all out with it like the 331 stroke, bigger cam, injectors, I mean the whole nine yards. This time though instead of building it in like a week I will be taking my time making all the right measurements and all that good stuff to make sure that it will be as reliable as possible and then when is is ready to swapped in the truck a Dune Right Performance MAF Swap will the running the whole show. Now why I'm making this thread in the first place is to ask about the engine that will be going in to get the thing up and running. It's out of a 98 Explorer that means it is the 5.0L 302 with the GT40 heads and intake installed and I am getting the harness and ECU. The ignition is brought through coil packs and I've been told that all I have to do is remove the coil packs and the cam synchronizer and drop in my distributor, which is from the 1992 5.0L 302 in the truck now, and I kind of have to questions: Since I have the ECU and harness wouldn't the coil packs be ok to keep in since the ECU is already programmed with the Coil Packs and Synchronizer and if not will my distributor be compatible with that harness with the Spark Output ignition and all and wouldn't the absence of the synchronizer mess the ECU? Also if ya'll guys have any suggestions on the other 302 and the build or suggestions for the tranny (like break-in procedures, ect.) please let me know. I promise I will listen this time (Booba once again that is directed toward you my friend). As always any reply is appreciated and Thank You guys for your time and knowledge.

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