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Old November 13th, 2010, 01:23 AM
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Default 302 Build Questions...

I would like to start building a new efi motor for my truck in the very near future, as the one that's in it has quite a few miles on it, leaks a little from everywhere, and I can just "feel" that it won't last much longer. How much longer? Who knows. I plan on doing most of the work myself, but I am by no means an engine builder.

That's where you guys come in. I could use some help with parts recommendations. Like parts that will work well together, stock parts that do just as good if not better than aftermarket, etc. I don't have a monstrous horsepower or torque goal that I'm trying to meet. What I want is an engine reliable enough to drive daily, have enough power for some occasionally spirited driving (off public streets & highways of course), and just enough "bling" factor to not be embarrassed when I open my hood.

Here are parts that I already have. Feel free to let me know if any of them seem "mismatched", or if they just don't seem to fit into my overall plan. Please also recommend any parts that you feel could help me achieve my goal. I have no problems at all cleaning up, and reusing parts, as long as they don't put too much of a damper on performance.

-Stock H.O. short block from '88 Mustang GT
-GT40P Heads
-Lunati 51014 Cam
-Scorpion 1.72 Rockers
-Comp Push Rods
-TRW Forged Pistons

I know I'm forgetting tons of parts, so feel free to post up anything at all. Even if it just pertains to a stock rebuild. I would really like to only do this once.

Also, are the Edelbrock manifolds the only efi intake manifolds easily compatible with a '95 F150?

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Old November 25th, 2010, 08:51 PM
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I like the 'P' heads
stroke to 331 is a start
stay away from 348 oil ring is to close to the piston skirt = TROUBLE
but I'm a carb fan... and if you want a screamer you need to wait till I get finished playing with the Deer.. and can expell and expound on that CAM choice
also, pleanty of manifold choices are avaliable for your application once I know what it is

Hard core 302 Maniac

For Those Who Fought For It...
Freedom Has A Taste The Protected Will Never Know.

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Old November 25th, 2010, 09:07 PM
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A 302 can be turned into a nice power house though for a stock cast block, I wouldn't think of going over 500 HP. First thing I would do is get some AFR heads and beef up the bottom end.

Old November 29th, 2010, 10:37 AM
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I tried to find my build sheet, but it aint where its susposed to be.

Forged pistons and a heavy foot need a forged crank

The GT40P heads require a specific header and have a larger combustion chamber than others, I just dont like the smaller valve diameter but it will work good with your cam choice since you already have them

That 51014 cam has good overlap and should make good power through out the rpm band, it has more lift and duration than the 51027. It will have a healthy idle and will sound good.
It looks like the cam will pull OK vacuum looking at the specs. and 4:10 gears will help on the low rpm driving, it will not want to buck quite as much. That cam comes advanced 3 degrees, just install it as it comes, it should run fine then you can go from there. Works great in the 2500-6000 RPM range, but you will not get the full benefit unless you have a 2500RPM stall converter

in this application I like a forged alluminum flat top piston hooked to an H-beam rod
I also have Comp Cams p-rods and 'Scorpion' rockers
BUT, I have a carburator

you cant go wrong with a Edelbrock intake
and MSD ignition

its easy/cheap to get 300-350HP out of a 302
but it co$t more to get 425-475HP stroked to 331cu.in. with a 10:1 CR

For Those Who Fought For It...
Freedom Has A Taste The Protected Will Never Know.

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