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Old August 11th, 2013, 08:33 PM
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Question Automotive Fuses Use & Replacements

While you drive your vehicle regularly, you are quite familiar with the term ‘Fuse'. As the name suggests, this is a key part of your car or automobiles electronics system. It is typically a small piece of equipment that is associated with the electronics system and is placed to blow out or fuse when something in the system goes wrong.

This part is designed in such a way that it does not create a crisis when it blows out or fuses but will make something on the automobile no longer working. Although the part of your automobile to quit working will be relatively minor, like for instance, it can be the turn indicators, the radio, or even the interior lights. Whatever the condition, if a fuse blows, the devices in question will no longer function.

If ever, you encounter, any malfunction in your vehicle the fuse is the first place to check. For most of us, locating the fuse box in the vehicle might be relatively easy, whereas, still some may have problem locating the error. However, correcting the problem is relatively easy and you will get a feeling of satisfaction knowing you were able to troubleshoot on your own.

We will certainly help to brush you up for the task in hand. Lets start with the automobile fuses. Generally, there are two type of fuses found in most of the automobiles. The first type is a glass, cylinder-shaped with stainless steel on the ends and glass in the middle. The other type is a plastic housing with the fusible link encased in the housing. The fuse box is generally located behind a cover, under the dashboard, or below the steering wheel & under the hood.

For checking it by yourself you will need to take help from the user manual that accompanies your vehicle. The vehicles manual will help you to identify and position the fuse box a guide on how to access it. Check the cover, with most of the vehicles you can remove with your hand and with the rest follow what the user manual suggests. Once you find the box carefully go through the owners manual to locate the exact fuse number, which might not be functional.

For instance, if the turn indicators are not working find the fuse for it through the numerical chart. When you are able to locate the exact fuse for the task, remove it as suggested in the owner's manual. With most of the vehicles you can remove it with your hands. Take out the particular and determine if it's blown. If the metal coil inside it is separated, it is blown and no longer working and will need replacement. While you look for the replacement of the fuse, look exactly for the amperage rating as the blown fuse.

Using it with different amperage rating may risk either blowing it again, or damaging the equipment it is designed to protect. Once you lay your hands on the exact replacement, you can easily replace it back into the slot given. So identifying and replacing a blown fuse is relatively easy and can be done at home.

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