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Old October 25th, 2011, 08:58 PM
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Question How To Change Differential & Transfer Case Oil

Own a truck or SUV?
Learn how to change the differential oil,& Change transfer case oil (four-wheel drive only)

If you have a pickup or an SUV, here are a few maintenance tasks you can do yourself to prevent expensive repairs.
Change differential oil

Set a drain pan under the differential and remove the cover bolts, starting at the bottom. Hold the cover in place while you gently pry the bottom edge out enough to start draining the old oil.
Start by locating the stamped metal ID tags on your front (four-wheel drive) and rear differentials. Write down the codes and take them to the dealer or auto parts store. The parts people need the codes to select the right gasket, sealer and oil for your differential. The ID tag also helps them determine whether your differential is the “imited-slip” type, which needs a friction-modifying additive. Limited-slip differentials transfer power to the opposite wheel if one spins. The friction modifier makes the mechanism work smoothly. While you're shopping, also pick up a “suction” gun to inject the new oil and a tube of RTV (room temperature vulcanizing) sealant to reseal the gasket or form a new one.

Raise your truck and support it with jack stands. If your differential is equipped with a drain plug in the cover, you can simply remove the plug and suck out the old lubricant with a suction gun. However, most newer-style differentials don't have a drain plug and you must remove the cover to drain them. Place a drain pan under the differential and remove the cover bolts, starting at the bottom and working toward the top. With the bolts out, hold the cover while you gently tap it with a rubber mallet or pry it off with a gasket scraper. Once the oil has drained, use paper towels to soak up any oil pooling at the bottom of the differential case. Don't spray the inside of the differential with any type of cleaner—it can damage seals and clutches and wash away critical start-up lube from gear and bearing surfaces.

Use a gasket scraper or putty knife to remove the old gasket or RTV sealant from the housing and cover mating surfaces. Do a final cleanup by spraying a paper towel with aerosol brake cleaner and wiping off any traces of oil from the mating surfaces.

Then apply a thin coat of RTV sealant to the differential and press the gasket into place. Install the cover and torque the bolts. If your vehicle calls for RTV sealant instead of a gasket, apply a generous bead on the cover, making sure the bead surrounds the bolt holes. Quick-curing RTV “skins” over in as little as 15 minutes, so apply the cover and torque the bolts right away. Overtightening the bolts can squeeze out all the RTV and result in leaks, so use a torque wrench. Proper bolt torque is critical to maintaining a good cover seal. To find the bolt torque specifications for your vehicle, consult a shop manual or use an online repair manual (search for “online repair manual” for your truck or car model).

Read the directions on the RTV package to determine the minimum “curing” time before refilling with fresh oil. Once the RTV has cured, refill the differential to the right level (refer to a shop manual). Always add the friction modifier first and then top off with the gear oil.

Change transfer case oil (four-wheel drive only)
Drain the oil
Hold the plug near the drain so you can quickly recap it if you need to spread out the drop cloth.
Refill the fluid
Use a suction gun to inject new fluid if you don't have enough space to fit a funnel with a flexible spout.
Suction gun
Use a suction gun to inject fluid in tight spaces.

The transfer case is located at the rear of the transmission, and its job is to “transfer” power to the front and rear drive axles when you shift into four-wheel drive. But the gears inside the transfer case spin even when you're in two-wheel drive. So it's important to change the oil on schedule, even if you don't use four-wheel drive very often.

Place a drop cloth and drain pan in the area under the transfer case before you remove the drain plug—this can be a messy job. The drain plug on this Ford truck has a recessed 3/8-in. square hole. To remove that style plug, simply insert the end of your ratchet and loosen. Other manufacturers use hex-head drain plugs. Use a six-point socket for that style.

To refill the transfer case, use a funnel with a flexible spout or buy an inexpensive suction gun to inject the fresh fluid. Check your shop manual for the type of fluid to use and the proper fill level. Torque the drain plug to specs when you're done

Consult the Manual

and remember if Rick is coming over to help get pleanty of BEER & Smokes

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Old October 25th, 2011, 11:37 PM
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Originally Posted by JSoko View Post
NOTE: It is very IMPORTANT to consult your Manual to ensure you add the CORRECT TYPE OF FLUID & and the AMOUNT, also dont forget this part ... if an additive is required, that you use the correct type ..

and remember if Rick is coming over to help get pleanty of BEER & Smokes
Rick says - Dats Right!!

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