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Old April 5th, 2011, 07:19 PM
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Just after I got it

Little bit of lift and some 285s

Little more lift and some 35s, also swapped out the auto for a manual transmission

got some 37s but they rubbed bad

So got some more lift

and then came the 40s

As it sits right now

Old April 6th, 2011, 09:37 AM
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my first Truck was a 1963 F100 short bed step side
then my personal Trucks go something like this
1982 F100
1983 F150
1999 F350
2002 F150
2004 F150

Farm Trucks include
F250's, F350's, F450's and some E250's used as Vet supply carriers
also Ford & John Deere Tractors

then my personal newest in 2006

now 5 years later in 2011 with 25,249 mi

For Those Who Fought For It...
Freedom Has A Taste The Protected Will Never Know.

Last edited by JSoko; June 21st, 2011 at 06:09 AM.
Old June 21st, 2011, 02:03 AM
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I have a history with Ford...

Well my first truck was a Brown two tone 1986 F150. We called her Ursula.
I put about 100k hard earned miles on that truck. One dreadful night when a friend and i was heading to a movie i heard a loud "BANG!" and the truck started sputtering... I pulled over and the truck died. A lady in an suv pulled up next to me and yelled "Hey... did you know your on fire?" .

Sure enough... 5 minutes later the truck was COMPLETLY engulfed in flames... RIP Ursula.

Since my ford ripped my heart out i decided to try a different path... Chevy... I went through a Chevy K5 and it had more problems than i could think of. It only spend about 3 months on the road and i had it for over a year. I basically gave the truck away and went moved on in my life. This time to a Yota.

Big Mistake.

3 months later my 4 runner had seized up and refused to run. The medical, i mean mechanic bill was almost $3,000!!!!. I let that one go as well.

I found myself carless... So i went back to my roots. FORD. I picked up this little beauty for $1000

A 1979 F250 with the 351. I put a new rear end and painted it. I put a carpet kit and drove that truck another 50k. I needed something a bit newer and I had an offer for $3,000. So i sold the 79' and picked up my Bronco the same night.

Now fast forward a few years and add a live in girlfriend and a new house and a new job i have to commute to. I need a commuter! Well the price was right, so i picked up my F150!

If all goes as planned, the future will hold a Raptor (Come on pick-6!)

*** June 2011 ***

F150 - Gotts no silencer Intake, straight piped 2.5" exhaust

Sold the Bronco

Old December 4th, 2011, 08:31 PM
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Back from the dead!!!!!!!

I thought I'd add to this.

I got my Bronco October of 2010, I had a Tan and White Regular Cab f150 w/ a 300 Industrial Engine that I was looking to trade for a 4x4 Ford, it just so happened that in my haste I posted the craigslist ad in the Parts section instead of the Vehicle's section. I got a call from a guy about 30 minutes away from me while I was at Wal-mart.

This is after I brought it home:

What's funny is there was nothing Edelbrock on it, when I traded the guy it came w/ a spare 9" rearend w/ a locker in it, an Edelbrock 351w Performer intake, 3 33X12.50x15's, a set of Hedman Headers.

This is what the 351w looked like:

It had an Offenhauser Hand-Polished highrise 4bbl intake and a Holley 750cfm Dual Fuel Flow carburetor, I changed it out to a 2bbl 351w intake and 2150 carburetor, and changed the Chrome Headlight doors for the Black one's which are going to be switched again as they are cracking and falling apart.

I installed a Flowmaster 40 series Muffler and decided against dual exhaust for now, I also had a Chrome Tip installed:

I've driven this thing through hell and back and it's still going, It's got one hell of an oil pan leak but I can't fix it until I can get an Engine hoist.

This is what it looks like today after I got done primering it up:
Old December 6th, 2011, 10:45 PM
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Mid December in 1989 my Grandpa calls me and tells me that he got a Bat mobile, and to come check it out. I go over there and see this brand new F150 sitting there, I walk around it disecting every part I see. Then I walk up to him and say where's the fire come out? He points at the exhaust pipe and I said no, thats where exhaust comes from silly (I was 4...). He proceeds to throw a pop up camper on it and from that point the only time it was really driven (other than the occasional drive to keep thing lubricated) was during my vacations from school (spring break\summer\etc.) when we traveled to about 30+ states in it. As he got a little older (he's 85 now) he sold the camper and signed the truck over to me on my 21st birthday with 55,000 on the odometer. First thing I did was goto the junkyard and put a brush guard on it.
This look lasted about 3 days:

Then I got some more fog lights, learned so much about the truck itself that I'm borderline obsessed, and did all kinds of work\maintenance on it. I flushed everything wet in it, swapped explorer injectors, did a Saginaw swap, did a 3G swap, tried to fix the smog pump but just replaced it, replaced the vacuum system with rubber, put in a MSD coil, Accel wires, Autolite 24s (so I can time it to 14 degrees), got a flowmaster 40 with a chrome tip, swapped F350 brake stuff, changed the rest of the brakes, packed new bearings, remote mounted the TFI, insulated the intake, put in a Kenwood eXallon deck in it, built a sub box with a kicker 10 in it, installed Alpine Type-R Components in it, put in a Autopage remote start alarm, 9007 conversion with headlight relays, Dual taurs E-fans, a tool box, bed lights, cluster swap, and I'm sure a lot more. I did it all in the course of a few months, so the junkyard guys knew me on a first name basis, and gave me all kinds of good deals. Ironically I got laid off from work right after all this so me and my 8-month pregnant wife decided to move to Ava, MO. Everything we moved with was loaded into the truck:

This was right after we got here and unloaded:

Then one day while wandering around my mother-in-law's land I came across this old van:

With these rims:

After some wirebrushing, masking and painting, I mounted my tires on them, got some chrome center caps and got this:

I now have the center caps on the front too.

I'd have to say some of the best mods were the 3G conversion (power), the 9007 conversion (BRIGHT lights), and the alarm. The alarm tells me the temperature inside the cab, has remote start, allows me to turn my headlights on\off, fog lights on\off, and bed lights on\off.

I have plans to SAS it, when funds allow; and there is a 351 in it's future. It sits at 76,000 miles right now.

89 F-150 5.0l AOD 2x4, 3.55 LS(+4), Converted to HO Roller, 3g Alt, GT40Ps, Y-pipe, Rerouted PCV, Dual Taurus E-fans, Explorer Injectors, Remote ICM, DIY Cold air, Rubber Vacuum System, Tranny cooler, Remote Tranny filter, Saginaw P\S swap, F350 Brakes, more.

Old December 6th, 2011, 10:50 PM
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Sure is a nice truck.
And them wheels man. Whooo buddy.
I have had lots of offers to buy mine.
Old December 7th, 2011, 07:45 AM
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nice story booba! my grandpa has the same color truck that will be mine any time i fly out to texas to get it. same year and color as yours but 4x4 and extended cab. it too has extremely low miles...


'95 F150 XLT, reg cab long bed, swapped 351w,
4.56 gears, 4-link SAS, 14" coil overs.

SAS Thread!!!

'04 F250 Lariat, crew cab short bed 4x4 6.0L PSD, 3.73 gears, straight piped,
sinister coolant filter, welded egr, CAT EC-1 coolant, blue spring.
60 gallon fuel tank/tool box, SCT X4 w/IDP custom tunes, SOON TO BE STUDDED!!

a bunch of boats

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