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Old November 14th, 2019, 08:32 AM
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Default 1991 f250 wiring harnesses

Hey all this is my first time on a forum of any kind so i hope im posting this in the right spot. I recently came into a 1991 f250 custom 4x4 manual 5.8l. The previous owner had bought a new fuel pump for the midship gas tank (there is only 1 tank on this truck). The new fuel pump and sending unit came with a non factory plug that does not fit the factory plug on the ford wiring harness also it has different colour wiring. (Spectra fuel pump). I know this and i know the proper combination of wires. My problem however is that the previous owner in an attempt to attach a new connecter, that would attach to the new sending unit connecter, cut and spliced wires from the tail lights all the way to the in cab fuse box. Surprisingly he managed to frankenstein it enough to make the truck run. I want to replace all of the wiring that was damaged but i need some more info and was wondering if anyone on here

A) has a new 1991 f250 4x4 5.8l wiring harness

(The one i need runs from a connector that attaches to another connecter at the firewall, The two are bolted togeather the second one going into the cab of the truck. The first runs from the firewall under the master cylinder down the frame on the drivers side it has connections for the brake distributer valve (not proper lingo haha), fuel pump, rear diff and tail lights.)

B) a fusebox and harness which i believe attaches to the previous harness i need

C) diagrams for these harnesses

D) proper name of mentioned harnesses

E) general info

Ive done alot of looking around and cant find the harnesses anywhere from scrap yards to kijiji any help is appreciated thank you.
Old November 14th, 2019, 02:34 PM
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Not sure if this is the right connector for your sending unit or not:


Have you checked with your local dealership to price a wiring harness? I'm sure they can give you some more info on it so that you can track one down. Otherwise, you may have to travel to junkyards in your surrounding towns. I'll keep my eyes open as I'm hitting the junkyards this weekend.
Old November 14th, 2019, 06:09 PM
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An Internet search should find you companies that have or can build a harness for almost anything. With a wiring diagram, you should be able to build one yourself if you have the tools.


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Old November 15th, 2019, 07:20 AM
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Thank you guys very much for the help i guess i should clarify. I dont need just the connector for the harness i need a whole new under body harness. The one im talking about has a 10mm bolt on the connecter it attaches to another connecter that runs threw the firewall. But the one i need runs under the truck along the frame all the way to the tail lights. I have spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to find the harness from part stores on the internet but no one has the one im looking for. Dealer was no help either said the part is disscontinued. Im thinking my options here are rebuild the one i have or get one from a donor at a scrap yard. Ive checked the ones around my area so yes please if any of you guys are heading to do some picking and you come across a 91 f250 in a yard and its got the electrical harnesses in it let me know thanks again everyone i really appreciate it.

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