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Old February 2nd, 2018, 07:59 PM
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Default Brake pedal drops to floor with no resistance

I have a 1991 f150 with a GM Dana 44 with flat top knuckles in the front and the stock 8.8 in the rear.

Yesturday I did the rotors and pads drums and shoes, new hardware for shoes and f350 brake cylinders.

Planning on also getting a 350 M/C and booster but isn't currently installed. Before doing this my pedal was super stiff and I don't think it ever hit the floor when braking.

I also threw in some warn premium locking hubs.

Put my bfg back on bled the lines I have a bleeder kit and it worked like a charm when I broke a hard line and swapped my brake lines with ss from bronco graveyard.

If I understand correctly you bleed furthest from M/C

Passanger rear
driver rear
Passanger front
Driver front

When I was bleeding the rear pedal was getting stiffer and stiffer with every pump. When I went to bleed my front passanger all of a sudden my pedal is soft and spongy and travels further than 'normal'

Closed everythin up. Turned the truck on and the pedal sunk straight to the floor. When the truck is off the pedal is super stiff like it was before but when I try to drive pedal goes to the floor. The truck stops but I'm not about to get on the high way like that.

Did I **** my self not doing the 350 booster and M/C? Do the 350 wheel cylinders take much more pressure than the 150 causing this?

The only reason I think not is because when I bleed the rear the pedal gets stiff when I do the front it gets spongy. Can't see any leaks. I'm limber enough and the trucks lifted enough so I can sit in it and hang out the door and look under the truck I don't see and leaks and my M/C isn't loosing any fluid

I have heard some guys say you gotta bleed it with the engine running but I've bled the brake on my f150 and my ranger with the engine off and everything was perfect

I used a C clamp and the old pad to compress the caliper. When I did the driver side it went slow like I was told and no fluid come out of the M/C. But when I did the passanger side I was a little too quick and fluid pushed out of my M/C. I saw it happen. The cap was on and it didn't force the cap off. I figured that meant I just push a crap ton of air into my system so I bleed all my breaks twice still no change.

Did I **** up my M/C when this happened?
Is it because of the 350 cylinders in the rear?
Do I just need to bleed it with the engine running?

Added a new (not reman) F350 m/c and no difference
Old February 4th, 2018, 06:22 AM
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sounds like you went in the right direction I would think that air is some how still in a line more toward the back. IDK. I never used a bleeder. I do a gravity bleed one at a time.

My .02$

Charles M
2002 F350 XLT 4x4 5.4 Auto
2000 Ranger 4x4 4.0

86 F150 4x4 auto 5.7

Old February 4th, 2018, 12:23 PM
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I'd recommend you bleed with the engine running so the booster can do its job.

2003 F-150 XL RCSB 2wd 4.2 5 speed 3.55 LS

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