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Old September 6th, 2010, 01:58 PM
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Default Timing Belts and Wiring Diagrams

When I did engine repairs and vehicle wiring in my younger days I found a company that provided a lot of the little tips and tricks to watch out for when doing timing belts. The company was called All Data http://www.alldatadiy.com/index.html. They also have complete and sectioned wiring diagrams for almost every make and model vehicle.

The book was about $50 when i bought it years ago and it is an invaluable tool for determining ahead of time if the engines pistons are interference fit or slip fit. My book was not limited to just one model or year. It had all domestic and foreign vehicles. Lots of brothers in arms borrowed it for weekend turned into months labors of scraped knuckle's and war wound trophies.

All Data http://www.alldatadiy.com/index.html even provided complete manufacture drawings with install steps needed to see exactly how to properly replace and adjust timing belts. They also suggested additional repairs to consider when doing timing belt replacements such as water pumps since you have to take all that same stuff off to replace the belt - might as well do it at the same time and save lots of labor time and money.

Interference Fit can mean many different things depending on the application for which it is used. In this application we are talking about a Timing Belt wearing out or separating causing major internal engine damage. The damage is so severe that damage to the heads and block are easily possible.

Interference Fit - In this case it means that when the piston is at its furtherest travel (maximum stroke length) and when any one of the valves are at its most open travel (full valve travel length open) the two DO NOT have sufficient clearance and will hit each other if valve timing is incorrect.

Slip Fit - Is the opposite - Sufficient clearance is available even if the valve timing is incorrect.

Think of it as Interfere means hit and Slip means slide on by.

This knowledge lets you know that if you do lose a timing belt due to wear, or lack of following recommended change out schedule, the resulting choice, may result in belt failure and could by design cause valve, piston and even possible head and block damage. If anyone has experienced a timing belt failure and got away with minor out of pocket costs then that person is one lucky dude. Rub him a little he just might be the Lucky Budda.

Good knowledge will always arm you with the know how to decide, plan, schedule a r/r without tearing down your motor or wasting very sparse money needed elsewhere. Almost always, with a broken timing belt and interference fit heads, you will have bent valves and damaged pistons leading to possible cracks in your head or engine block.

Try it - kick the tires a whole lot then, push the bumpers up-n-down and take a look see under the hood and under the engine and trans. You'll see for yourself it is worth it.

What we leave behind are our words and our deeds. Nothing else really matters.

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