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Old October 29th, 2010, 01:42 PM
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Default We Help You Pick Out Your Next Used Ford Diesel Truck

<p>By Mike McGlothlin andJason Sands at Diesel Power Mag</p>
<p>Photography by The Diesel Power Staff</p>
<p>Edited Version - Ford Diesel Trucks Only</p>
<p>The Big Three began building diesel pickups back in the '80s, so now there are literally millions of used diesel trucks to choose from. Save this issue forever, because it's the complete buyer's guide of all the makes and models of diesel pickups-everything Ford had to offer for nearly 30 years. This will give you the power potential and price range for purchasing a used diesel truck.</p>
<p>Ford '83 to '94
  • Models: F-250, F-350
  • Engine: 6.9L International V-8 ('83 to '87), 7.3L International V-8 ('88 to '92) with Stanadyne DB2 injection pump, and 7.3L International V-8 (turbo optional) ('93 to '94) with Stanadyne DB2 injection pump
  • Transmission: C6 automatic ('83 to '87), E4OD ('88 to '94), T-19 four-speed manual ('83 to '86), or ZF-5 five-speed manual ('87 to '94)
  • Pros: Ford's first diesels are dirt cheap to get into, feature simple components and mechanical injection, and were built to work and last. And considering this truck was basically offered with the same body style from '80 to '97, spare or replacement parts are easy to come by. Due to their high torque (at a very low rpm) and wide powerband, these engines make excellent low-speed haulers.
  • Cons: Although powered by large-bore V-8 diesel engines, their indirect injection and natural aspiration make them quite underpowered when compared to the Dodge Cummins of this era. Even the turbo models lacked power as compared to direct-injection diesels.
  • Performance Potential: If you're looking for lots of easy horsepower-look elsewhere. The only real way to get more power out of these old trucks is by equipping them with an aftermarket turbocharger system, which oftentimes can cost more than the purchase price of the truck.
  • Price Range: $500 to $5,000 (depending on condition)
  • Power Range: 170 hp (stock 6.9L) to 300 hp (highly modified)
  • What To Look For: An '87 to '92 with the ZF-5 manual transmission for its simplicity, million-mile durability, and better fuel economy. Also, try to avoid buying a rusty truck.
<p>Ford '941/2 to '97
  • Models: F-250, F-350
  • Engine: 7.3L Power Stroke V-8 with the HEUI injection system
  • Transmission: E4OD automatic or ZF-5 five-speed manual
  • Pros: Often referred to as old-body-style (OBS) Fords, these trucks debuted the direct-injection 7.3L Power Stroke. They are also part of a long production run of trucks ('80 to '97), were refined, and made to last. Their large sales volume makes their replacement parts cheaper, too.
  • Cons: The four-wheel-drive 3/4-ton models came with the undesirable Dana 50 twin-traction beam (TTB) leaf-sprung front end-and all diesel models lacked a factory intercooler.
  • Performance Potential: Once again, if you're after dirt cheap, big horsepower, these trucks don't make the cut. However, the 7.3L can be built to make 350 to 400 rwhp affordably.
  • Price Range: $2,000 to $12,000 (depending on condition)
  • Power Range: 210 hp (stock) to 600 hp (highly modified)
  • What To Look For: A '96 or '97 with the E4OD, and a non-California model. In order to avoid all the issues associated with twin-traction beam (TTB) Dana 50 frontends, we'd stick with an F-350 standard cab or crew cab.
<p>Ford '99 to '03</p>
<p>Models: F-250, F-350, Excursion</p>
<p>Engine: 7.3L Power Stroke V-8 with the HEUI injection system</p>
<p>Transmission: 4R100 automatic or ZF-6 six-speed manual</p>
<p>Pros: These Super Duty trucks featured the upgraded 101/2-inch rear axle ring gear, did away with the TTB frontend on four-wheel-drive F-250 models, and came with an intercooled version of the durable 7.3L Power Stroke.</p>
<p>Cons: While additional power can be made easier than with the '941/2 to '97 models, stock 4R100 automatic transmissions don't hold up well to higher power levels. The '99 to '03 engines did not come with a fuel system return built into the cylinder heads (like the '941/2 to '97 engines did), which needs to be addressed once higher power levels are sought. The trucks themselves are heavy, which hampers their acceleration.</p>
<p>Performance Potential: Much like their predecessor, adding power isn't the cheapest, but 400 to 500 rwhp can be obtained affordably.</p>
<p>Price Range: $7,500 to $20,000 (depending on condition)</p>
<p>Power Range: 235 hp (stock '99 to '00) to 700 hp (highly modified)</p>
<p>What To Look For: We'd buy a late '991/2 or '00 to ensure it had forged-steel connecting rods. The powdered-metal connecting rods (found in '01 to '03 models)</p>
<p>Ford '03 to '07
  • Models: F-250, F-350, Excursion (discontinued for '05)
  • Engine: 6.0L Power Stroke V-8 with the HEUI injection system
  • Transmission: 5R110 automatic or ZF-6 six-speed manual
  • Pros: This version of the Super Duty featured the 32-valve, 6.0L engine with a variable-geometry turbo. Its HEUI fuel system was made to push higher injection pressures than was possible with the 7.3L. Even in stock form, 6.0Ls are snappy with quick throttle response and high rpm power, giving them an almost gas-like feel.
  • Cons: The engine has an inadequate exhaust gas recirculation system, four torque-to-yield factory head bolts per cylinder that lead to blown head gaskets, and injector stiction issues are common (coking of oil on oil side of HEUI injectors). To make matters worse, the factory oil and EGR coolers are prone to fail.
  • Performance Potential: Good power can be had with just an intake, exhaust, and tuning (400 to 430 rwhp), but we wouldn't recommend it without adding head studs and deleting the EGR system. For a street-legal option, you can add BulletProofDiesel's engine oil system. Performance parts aren't cheap for these engines, but people have built them to make 700 hp on fuel, and more than 1,000 hp on nitrous.
  • Price Range: $10,000 to $30,000 (depending on condition)
  • Power Range: 325 hp (stock) to 700 hp (highly modified)
  • What To Look For: We wouldn't be as concerned with what to look for in an '03 to '07 as we would be about what would need to be done once we bought the truck (delete the EGR and add head studs, or swap out restrictive oil and EGR cooler for a more durable one).
<p>Ford '08 to '10
  • Models: F-250, F-350
  • Engine: 6.4L Power Stroke V-8 with Siemens common-rail injection
  • Transmission: 5R110 automatic or ZF-6 six-speed manual
  • Pros: This engine features compound turbos and common-rail injection. This is one Power Stroke in which respectable horsepower levels can be achieved very affordably. An intake, free-flowing exhaust (no DPF), and tuning can yield 550 to 600 hp at the wheels. And the best part is, the factory 5R110 TorqShift transmission will handle it-for quite a while. In addition, with its emissions controls removed, 20 mpg or more is possible (not bad for an 8,000-pound truck).
  • Cons: They came from the factory with exhaust gas recirculation, a DPF system, and regeneration mode-and if you remove these items you will void your factory warranty.
  • Performance Potential: As stated, with just an intake, exhaust, and tuning, as much as 600 rwhp is possible-which is enough to get a four-door, four-wheel-drive Super Duty into the 12s in the quarter-mile. Beyond that, performance parts aren't the cheapest, but many owners can settle for 600 hp at the wheels for less than $3,000 (intake, exhaust, tuning). We've seen some trucks make more than 1,000 hp on nitrous.
  • Price Range: $25,000 to $40,000 (depending on condition and dealer)
  • Power Range: 350 hp (stock) to 700 hp (highly modified)
  • What To Look For: A low-mileage used truck, or a '10 leftover on the lot. With the '11 model 6.7L-powered Super Dutys moving in, the right dealer will sell you a 6.4L for a hard-to-beat price.
To discuss this blog entry click [HERE]&lt;/p&gt;</p>

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