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Old December 18th, 2011, 03:04 PM
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Default How to know when your Auto Transmission needs a fluid change

How do I know when my transmission needs it's fluid changed? How long before I change it? What color is it supposed to be? All these will be answered here.

An Automatic Transmission is very vulnerable without the right amount of fluid and right kind of fluid, take for instance the C6 Transmission in my Bronco, it uses Dexron III fluid which is almost no longer available so you must use Dexron IV or V which is backwards compatible with the older transmissions requiring Dexron, II, and III.

Now I've noticed on my Bronco since I've owned it that I can tell exactly when it's supposed to shift by watching the Speedometer, mine shifts into 2nd at 15mph and 3rd at 35mph, I can mash the skinny pedal and make it shift a whole lot differently but this is when either I'm or wanna pass somebody, and this shift pattern can be changed by a screw inside the vacuum modulator valve. When you notice the transmission isn't shifting like it should(if you've driven your vehicle long enough you'll know how it's supposed to shift) it's time for the first thing that is usually inexpensive and you can do it yourself, change the fluid.

I've seen countless people with a vehicle that needed a transmission fluid change and the transmission didn't last very long after the change, I had a neighbor drain his fluid in his 1990 C@#$y truck and the fluid was black from where he hadn't changed it in so long, before that there were symptoms of where it needed changed, hard shifting, slipping(yes a simple fluid change can correct these), not shifting into a gear. The fluid in the transmission should be Red, it shouldn't be Black, or Red with Black streaks(usually means the coating on the bands are coming off), and if you do decide to pop the pan and replace the screen/filter and pan gasket check the bottom of the pan before you wipe it out and see how much little metal and Black particle's are in the remaining fluid, this will tell you how much wear the transmission is taking.

A general rule and in my maintenance manual of when to change the fluid is every 6 months or 60,000 miles unless you live in severe conditions then it's every 3 months or 30,000 miles. You'll wanna drain and refill the Torque Converter also, the total for my Bronco is 27 Pints of Dexron III, but as a precaution I also change the fluid in the Transfercase as it is the same fluid and I'm right down there changing the tranny fluid.
Old December 18th, 2011, 05:12 PM
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6 months or 60,000 miles 3 months or 30,000 miles @.@!

Ken you been hitting that cider again?

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Old December 19th, 2011, 08:23 AM
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Dont forget more and more vehicles are are now being sold with a sealed trans . Which means no dip stick to check the fluid . Most of which say not to change until 100.000 miles . And if you want to do it yourself you have to go buy a new trans pan that will have a fill tube with dip stick ....

My self i do it once a year is it to often MAYBE however at 200.000 plus thousand miles it is still working like new . BTW i have only put 17.000 miles on my truck in the last 2.5 years ALL WORK ....
Old December 19th, 2011, 09:57 AM
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I do a flush and filter change the DIY way here at the house each 50,000mi

for you first timers don't forget the plastic ball it needs to go in the ...

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