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Old July 6th, 2012, 08:59 PM
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Default Field Stripping a Taurus PT1911

Hi all, this isn't posted anywhere else but here, I've asked for help on different forums about field stripping a 1911 cause I hadn't done it before this, everyone acted like a-holes so I found a video in very good detail on how to Field Strip a 1911, so I thought I would post this here on how to Field Strip one in case anyone wants to know how to do it.

Here is the Candidate:

Now here is the end we start with, the muzzle of the pistol:

What you are going to do is press down and hold the recoil spring plug, you'll need a fair amount of pressure as it is the plug for the recoil spring, once depressed turn the barrel bushing to the left like so and slowly lift the plug out:

Here is the plug:

Recoil Spring:

Now with them out, turn you're barrel bushing back all the way to the right and lift it out:

Next step is taking the slide stop out, you'll notice on you're slide there is a big notch that holds the slide, just to the right of it is a little circle shaped notch, pull the slide back until the circle shaped notch lines up the the tip of the slide stop, then push the little knob on the right side of the pistol to push the slide stop out, I've found that it won't lift straight out once pressed, I have to wiggle it to get it out:

Slide stop removed:

So with the slide stop removed we can take the slide off of the frame of the pistol, all you have to do is turn the pistol over where the sights are on bottom, and pull the frame away from the pistol, so if the muzzle was pointing to the left, you'd pull the frame towards the right:


So now you can remove the barrel, if you're 1911 has a GI sized guide rod, go ahead and just lift it off and set it aside, if it's a Full length, pull it towards the back of the slide while lifting and it will come out, to take the barrel out, just lift it and push it forward through the slide and it will come out. Commence the cleaning.

Now re-assembly, put the barrel back in by reversing how you took it out, then put you're guide rod back on the barrel, make sure the little barrel link is straight up and down, now I re-insert the recoil spring with the plug on the end, make sure you put the spring on correctly, mine has two coils together that is the part that slides on the guide rod, your's is more than likely different so pay attention to when you took it out. Now we put the slide back on the frame, with the sights still downward line the channels on the frame up with the slots in the slide, make sure when you put the frame back on the slide that the barrel link is straight up and down and remains that way, once you get the slide and frame mated again, if the link is still up and down, go to the left side of the pistol and put the slide stop back in the hole on the frame:

That will hold the barrel link in while you push the recoil spring back down and put the barrel bushing back on, the bushing goes on the right, pushes all the way down, and with the recoil spring plug depressed as far as it will go, turn the bushing til the little slot at the bottom is re-aligned with the plug and slowly lift the plug up, it should not fly out.

Now back to the slide stop, we want to push the slide back to where the little square hole is and where the tip of the slide stop is, push the slide stop down and rotate it toward the top of the pistol it should snap in place and then push down and it will snap again.

You have now field stripped and cleaned you're 1911 Pistol, now before going out and shooting it or using it for concealed carry, we want to do our post field stripping check of the safeties, with the hammer back, and without you're hand on he beavertail safety squeeze the trigger, the hammer should not fall and the trigger should not move. Step 1 complete, Step 2, hammer back, hand on beavertail safety, put the thumb safety on and squeeze the trigger, hammer should not fall and the trigger should not move, Step 2 is complete. Step 3, the half cock, pull the hammer back to the half cocked position, with you're hand on the beavertail safety, thumb safety off, squeeze the trigger, the hammer should not fall but the trigger should move. Step 3 complete. These are all I know, have more to add feel free.
Old July 6th, 2012, 09:33 PM
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one of the best additions to a 1911 style pistol for accuracy, is a quality barrel bushing

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Old July 6th, 2012, 10:07 PM
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The guide rod you see on this 1911 is a Wilson Combat GI sized guide, I replaced the full length guide rod in favor of this as it was a lot easier to field strip and didn't require a Barrel Bushing Wrench to remove the Bushing. Here is the FLGR and the stock Recoil Spring Plug:

The Recoil Spring Plug for the FLGR:

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