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Old September 13th, 2018, 10:11 AM
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Exclamation Next step? P1248 Turbo boost pressure not detected.


I’m having an issue with my 7.3. I get a p1248 code when i run it in the standard setting, (no tune).
I am running a Hypermax 330 swichable maxchip.
If I turn it up to a 330hp tune it still throws a code, this time the p1247 (low boost).
I hooked up the computer and in standard tune i get no boost untill flooring it for about 30 sekonds. I also hooked up an analog guage to compare the map sensor readings to the analog, they were acurat the whole time. I can the in best case reach 0.6 bar (8ish psi). And it is slow as dirt.

In the 330hp tune i reach 1bar (15psi).

Done so far:
Checked all lines and mapsensor.
Disconnected the chip, (I installed the chip myself and the issue was there before i installed it)
Pressuretested the intercooler, lines and boots. Tested up to 2.5 bars. All dandy.
Checked the boots under the spider for the plenums.
Checked the turbinewheel in the turbo.
Changed ebp sensor and line.
Cleaned the screens in the pickup(tank) and changed filter.
Buzztested the injectors (sounds great)
Changed IDM, (for another reason, but it has been done).

Atm i get no boost at all until about 2k rpm. No smoke, no hard starting, just lacking boost.
Open to suggestions, next step i can think of is pulling the turbo and checking the wastegate.
I do have a hypermax H2e kit laying around but i dont think it would spool at all as of now with that thing. Anyone running a 60-70mm turbo on stock injectors? Worth it or should I wait to install until i got the injectors?


Old November 19th, 2018, 06:56 PM
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Checked fuelpressure, over 4 bar (58 psi) at all times no matter the load I put on it.
Disassembled the intire turbo looking for some tell tale sign, nothing...the turbo is in overall great condition.
I tested the waste gate actuator with shop air and it worked just as it should, at optimal pressure...I even wired the wastegate shut, no difference what so ever.

So still at a loss here...

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