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Old September 21st, 2009, 08:14 PM
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Default Downshifting/Upshifting - Engine RPM Flare

Hi all.

One of the very first forum posts in another forum I had was for (what I thought was) a problem with RPM flare when downshifting / upshifting. I've finally (no poop - 10 months later) figured out what's going on.

WHen going 40-50 mph - the trans usually is in 4th (overdrive). when I downshift to 2nd, usually on a steep grade or when behind someone who's riding the brakes down a hill, that'd be shifting into 2nd gear and the RPMs would go up to around 2000-2500.

WHen shifting back into drive - this is what happens: The trans will shift into third gear for around 3-5 seconds, then shift back into fourth and/or overdrive after the 3-5 seconds. If I happen to be pushing on the gas at all while it's in third - the third gear feels like it has no torque and the RPMs will run pretty high (2500-2700 rpm).

I've already received the advice that:
1. I shouldn't use the transmission for limiting my speed
2. I should take it into a dealer to have it looked at

I kinda ignored those pieces of advice cause I couldn't accuratly describe the problem.

Now that I've figured all of this out (by using the Comm Tran display on the edge programmer) - I'd like to know if it's normal to have a pause of 3-5 seconds in third gear or if it should shift directly back into fourth when I shift back into drive.

Also - ON the Edge Programmer with the Comm Trans displayed - what's the lock that shows up next to the number? I thought it was when overdrive engaged (which you'd think should only be fourth gear) - but I saw it come on once in third gear (normal third - no downshift or anything like that).
Old September 22nd, 2009, 09:23 AM
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if i may...it's not the best idea to shift into 2nd from those speeds....like you, i sometimes downshift if i'm going thru a school zone or heading down a lengthy steep grade. I only shift into 2nd when i'm below 40mph....and eventually will shift back into drive after the school zone ends or i level out after the hill. i'd suggest avoiding shifting into 2nd at higher speeds....could potentially screw something up...and might be the cause for your 3-5 second issue.....cause i've never had a time gap...always engages right away.

as far as the edge question....i've never used that setting so i can't help you out with that question


2007 F-150 FX4

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Old September 22nd, 2009, 11:58 AM
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I have noticed the same delay in the upshift after coming out of 2nd and just figured it was normal. as for the downshift, i usually turn off the overdrive (via the button on the shifter) let the speed drop 5 - 10 mph, then downshift to 2nd on those long downgrades behind the brakerider.

Big T

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