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Old November 26th, 2012, 05:58 AM
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Thumbs up Engine Cranks/Locks up!! Case Closed!!!

I hope you guys don't mind the recap from my first post Sept. 29, 2012 when I first started this project. I think someone may learn a few things like I did. Also if anyone has any questions feel free to ask I can post pics of stuff too. I would like to give a big thanks ahead to booba, biker trash, jsoko, and big blue, for all the help and holding back from calling me an idiot. Just so you all know this was my first engine pull since 16 yrs old now 34yrs now so try not to laugh. Ok enough bs lets get to the good stuff.

So I have a 1992 F150-5.0, 4x4 doing a motor swap with 1995 F-150-5.0. Now REMEMBER this any newbies as booba and the guys tried to tell me the 95 motor is or was MAF and 92 is speed density if your not sure what this means look it up, I should have and it may have made more sense. Although still not sure whats all involved but know that some sensors are located in different areas and if you do it right the first time we all know it will save you some time in the end.

As I was saying the 92 motor died (or at least I thought) and I bought a 95 with 89,000 miles for $500. What happened to the 92 was a little interesting which will come into play later....stay with me. It started running rough on the way home one day and the motor stopped briefly and then started and I made it home a 1/2 mile later. When home it stopped again I tried starting it and it would crank but nothing......then started locking up or as some would say hydro-locking? Noticed water/coolant dripping from somewhere deep in engine so I was like my motor is done at 165,000 miles. 2 yrs later pulled my head out of my ass and decided to revive the damn thing. Every once in a while I would get in and try and start it and same thing crank want to start then lock up.

So we pulled the 92 motor with help from my dad and guys (online) listed above. NOTE: the 92 motor came out with everything on it. Plenum, smog pump,compressor, lower intake wiring harness injectors, sensors, etc. The 95 motor had mostly everything on it. Now booba warned me to change out the lower intake because the 92 has a IAT sensor on it and the 95 doesn't. This is important!!!! When I had the motors out should have changed them out but didn't....I learned the hard way.

So once the 95 motor was in of course I had a few snags here and there before it was in.......ok so I decided to replace water pump while there and broke a thinned out bolt into the block....learn the hard way lesson #2 from dad replace thinned out bolts he was out of town. Oh ya heard it from him when he got back. Anyways!

So once 95 motor was in I tried starting it with 2yr old gas maybe a couple of gallons and 5 gallons of new gas. No bueno and no start of course even if it did start it would have ran like shit cause the IAT sensor wasn't hooked up because like I said it went with 92 motor and 95 didn't come with one it is located in another place probably with donor truck. NOTE: the truck did crank and did want to start so this lead me to believe either it was a combination of things either bad gas or sensor issue. So as booba had informed me to change out the lower intake I did....another NOTE: the 92 lower intake I swapped back to was with fuel rail, wiring harness, injectors, sensors etc. and that is on the truck now so all that I used from 95 donor motor was pretty much the block, etc.

Now finally after changing over to all that I didn't want any other variables if the motor didn't start so I dropped the back tank and front tank to completely drain and soak up all old gas and start new. Just so you all know through this whole ordeal to get all gas lines off and filters from front to back takes 3 different tools. Yup at least it did for me crazy huh?

Back to motor finally went to crank and what do ya know the damn thing wants to start but does what it did from the get go cranks and locks up!!!!! Wtf, right so back to square one finally I had to seek professional help (for me and the truck haha) so a mechanic that my father in law knows came over to take a look, I explained everything to him that I did he blamed the torque converter locking up. I wasn't happy with that, so did what booba suggested turned it by hand and it was fine. Going over in my head as to what it could be that the 92 motor did when it first went down I thought it could be a bad starter so replaced that and no same problem cranked and locked up. Then it came to me what had I changed back to before that wasn't the same when it was cranking with all the 95 motor stuff on it. Could it be an injector staying stuck open causing it to hydro lock? It did smell a lot like gas.

So being that I had the fuel rail and other injectors at hand I decided to swap back to the 95 motors fuel rail and injectors. While in the process of taking off plenum (for the third time!) to get to the rail and injectors I noticed gas coming out of the trottle body and plenum which didn't seem right. This made sense later. Now before I changed stuff over again I wanted to test what I thought might be a bad injector on the 92 motors fuel rail. So I rigged up under the truck ( I know its not safe but did it anyway) with fuel lines and 92 fuel rail turned the key to on to pressure up rail and what do ya know none of the injectors were open then applied voltage to each one and they all seemed to work fine. Except one little thing the fuel pressure regulator was spewing out gas from the vacuum port???? Didn't seem right so went to O'riellys and bought one for $20 bucks what do ya know didn't do that when I put the new one on.

So I kept it all the same using the 92 fuel rail and injectors put it all back together and went to fire it up and boom it worked.

Wow all that and it was the fuel pressure regulator! Now I wonder if that was the problem in the first place with old motor? Guess I will know when if I ever tear it down.

Hope this all made sense I know I had to read it over and over.

Thanks again guys this site is awesome!

Old November 26th, 2012, 02:25 PM
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I don't think there is a person here that has had a head scratcher that gave them a good headache. I had an issue with a bike that could've been solved in just a few mjnutes but due to my ignorance involved ripping the motor out. It was then i realized that it wasn't neccesarry. Oh well, i learned how to take the motor out!!! Lol. Glad to see you got the truck goong again!

1994 F150 XLT ExCab SB 306, 4R70w, 8.8 3.55 open, MSD StreetFire coil, Taylor Siro Pro wires, MSD cap and rotor, 1.72 Roller Rockers, 2º cam advance w/ Cloyes Street True Roller timing set, Flat top Hyperutectic pistons, Flowtech Long Tube headers, Xpipe, High flow Magnaflow converters, Spintech XL Sportsman DIDO muffler.

Old November 26th, 2012, 02:44 PM
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I would've never thought of the Fuel Pressure Regulator, I'dve thought the engine was locking up or the torque converter myself..

Glad to hear it's back on the road. And, we all start out n00bs sometime
Old November 26th, 2012, 06:25 PM
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well you have gotten more intimate with your Truck
and now you can put a stripe on your sleeve

For Those Who Fought For It...
Freedom Has A Taste The Protected Will Never Know.

Last edited by JSoko; December 10th, 2012 at 06:25 PM.
Old November 26th, 2012, 06:50 PM
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Glad we could help, everything is a learning experience and look at all you learned this time!

89 F-150 5.0l AOD 2x4, 3.55 LS(+4), Converted to HO Roller, 3g Alt, GT40Ps, Y-pipe, Rerouted PCV, Dual Taurus E-fans, Explorer Injectors, Remote ICM, DIY Cold air, Rubber Vacuum System, Tranny cooler, Remote Tranny filter, Saginaw P\S swap, F350 Brakes, more.

Old December 10th, 2012, 06:08 PM
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adoporto adoporto is offline

Join Date: Sep 2012
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Yes I have gotten a lot closer to my truck now. I remember back looking at the motor thinking what is all that shit? Now I know.

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