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Old December 30th, 2009, 09:06 PM
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Arrow Dana 44 - Operation Break Down - Completed

Well I have a 1995 F150 with the crappy IFS front end. I've decided to do the SAS. I bought a high pinion Dana 44 front axle out of a 79 Bronco. I have yet to actually look up the serial number to make sure. It's not really important. Below will be the entire disassembly of the axle, removing old paint and then repainting it. The rebuild will be another thread!

Just a little side note about this particular axle:

1978 and 1979 were identical.
What makes this axle different to 1977 and older is one important thing, the
78-79 axle have the radius arm wedges molded into the housing as one piece.

The previous years, 77 and older, the radius arm wedges were welded on after
the housing was casted. So what does this mean to you if you're buying a d44?

This axle is setup ONLY for radius arms. Leaf springs or a 4 link setup can't be
done with the 78-79 axle. Do your homework! Ask around if you are not sure.


Here is the axle when I picked it up... six hours of driving... trip sucked! Axle is heavy!

5 x 5.5 Lug Pattern and Manual Locking Hubs:

A Bit Rusty But Nothing Major (from the outside):

Here is Some Misc Parts From The Axle:


The Dana 44 Break Down Begins

First Project is to open The Differential Cover:

The Tools I used Were My Craftsman 1/2 Ratchet w/ Extension, Socket and Gloves.

To remove the diff cover I needed the 1/2 inch socket.
To remove the bearing cap bolts you will need a 3/4 inch:

After Making Sure There Was No Oil Inside I started To Crack It Open (1/2 inch socket and 6 inch extension):

A bit rusty, the oil was drained before I got it:

Be Sure To Keep Everything In Order... trust me:

All looks well so we are moving on. Now its time to remove the axle from the housing. First thing is to remove the hub:

I had to remove 5 little bolts with an allen key, pretty simple so far:


Next, give the hub cover some soft taps with a rubber mallet until it pops off:

Here it is:

Before we go on, lets remove the brake caliper before it gets in the way, first unscrew this:

Now with a hammer and flat head just some taps will get this right out of the groove:

Next some nice and easy shots on both sides with a hammer should pop the caliper right off:

Piece of cake, lets rock n' roll:

OK next is time to remove all the hubs guts so we can slide the rotor assembly off:

There is a ring here sitting in a channel holding all this is.
Just pry it out gently with a thin nail or screwdriver.
If you look at the image two pics down its the ring on the right:

Once you get that unscrewed pull it away very easy because there are some guts that may fall out:

See... guts! (Theres the ring on the right):

OK. Moving on, this next step was a little tricky. There is a clip that has to be removed.
This clip needs to be spread apart to be removed... I dont have the correct tool for it:

Sorry about the blurry pic but you'll see the clip soon enough. Anyway, I found a pair of
needle nose pliers and decided to grind grooves into the tips so the clip would sink into:

Now that my tool is ready, it's time to party! OK lets get back to work, on the clip:

OK so we got that off... lets see what it was:

In this next image, this gear was giving me a hard time so I drowned it in WD40 to get any
grit that may be stopping it from sliding right off. It's supposed to slide right off:

Once that gear is out, this just falls right out:

Next, gently pull this out with a thin flat head:

Believe it or not, it's time to remove the rotor!

All gone:

We will take these bearings out and call it a day:


Picking up where we left off

Next project is to finish taking this damn thing apart, we will start with the spindle, gently hammer bolts out:

All but one are able to come out and that's fine, the knuckle will be in the way:

My plan is to keep the spindle, but it needs to be banged off...
so to save the threads I used a 2x4 and hammer:

That plan sucked:

Well after splitting another 2x4 I said to hell with it and I banged it off:


Slide the axle out nice and easy:

That's it for today but next time we will work on removing the knuckle:


Just about done

Time to remove the knuckle, the castle nut just kept spinning because of the ball joint it
was bolted on to, so I decided to finally use my dremel! I was getting new nuts anyway:

OK outsides cut off, now its time for the inside nut (surprisingly, this one came right off)
Just bang out the ball joints and the knuckle will fall right to the floor (watch your toes):

OK time to remove the carrier!!!! This was a pain but two pry bars worked wonders:

Be sure to losen the bearing cap bolts but do not remove them. When we pry the carrier out
we dont want it to fall, so by keeping the bearing caps on but loose, they will catch the carrier:

Lets move on. Position the bars inside the housing in a way that DOES NOT damage the carrier:

After some struggling and more struggling and a little more, the carrier will pop right out.
Once loose, remove the bearing cap bolts and then remove the bearing caps, nice and easy:

Pull the carrier and ring gear out and place it in a safe place:

Now it's time to remove the pinion gear:

This nut was the biggest pain out of the entire project:

I wasted no time, well about 2 days, time for the dremel again make sure to WEAR eye protection:

OK that was fun...pinion gear dropped right to the floor! I guess I wont be re-using this:

Well after all that rust earlier all over the ring gear and bearing caps I was a little worried,
but this thing is squeaky clean:


Time to remove all its sin

Well, I started cleaning this in between days where I was stuck. Heres the progress:

Just about all paint removed:

Now it's time to paint this thing, first thing was to take care of any rust that I missed
and to seal it from future rust, then prime and paint with hi-temp paint:

Just about done:


And a close up:

Side note... I didn't remove the drivers side knuckle, rotor, hub or anything. The drivers side was completely
broken down already by previous owner. This project is over. Next project will be the rebuild of this axle.

To be continued.

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