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Old October 15th, 2011, 09:07 PM
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Default Seafoam, My Opinion and How to do it.

Ok, so I couldn't find anywhere to put this, if it's in the wrong place kindly tell me and I'll move it to where it needs to go thanks!

Seafoam, My Opinion and How to do it.

I first happened upon Seafoam while browsing around on the internet, I read up a bunch of reviews on it, found on another forum I *was* on about how exactly to introduce this to the engine, and what exactly this stuff does.

Seafoam is a Petroleum product that can be used in Gasoline 4 cycle engine's, Diesels, and even in the 2 cycle Lawn Mowers and Weedeaters. Once introduced, it's supposed to up throttle response, clean the engine, increase MPG's.

How I did it(which is how it's done as far as I know on 73-96 Ford Trucks and Bronco's) is pulled the vacuum hose on the brake power booster, take a funnel(this is important so as NOT to HYDROLOCK the engine!:Poke:) and SLOWLY pour 1/3 to 1/2 of the can into the funnel, your goal is to slowly let the engine suck it in, it will smoke a little depending upon how dirty the engine is, keep pouring until however much you decided to use is gone.

Shut the engine off, walk away and let it sit, it says on the can to let it sit for 5 minutes, I let it sit for an Hour. Re-attach the booster line. Once you start it back up(again depending upon how carboned up the engine is) it's gonna smoke cause it's cleaning the engine, take it for a drive, try and gas it as much as you can, and if it's smoking bad I DON"T RECOMMEND taking it on the highway unless your really a mean person and don't care about anyone else. Once it's done smoking, it's done it's job.

So you've still got some left in the can? Either use it in the oil(I recommend about 100 miles BEFORE your oil change) or pour it in your tank to clean the injector's or carb jets and venturi's.

My Opinion

I used it in my Bronco, after I used it I noticed a major improvement in throttle response, the engine is clean(GOOD oil is also a MAJOR factor in engine cleanliness), I also used it in the oil, it removed a bunch of stuff. I can be cruising on the highway 55-60 MPH's and left off the gas and be at 45 MPH in 10 seconds.

Do I believe it works, Yes. It's recommended by the company to use it every oil change or 5000 miles I believe, In fact I'm due to use it again in the bronco.

So if you've used it, feel free to post up how you feel about, and what improvement(s) did you notice?

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