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Old May 3rd, 2012, 07:44 PM
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How to Bleed the Clutch on a 1995 F-150

The 1995 F-150's base transmission was a five-speed manual. This transmission used an internal, hydraulic slave cylinder to engage and disengage the clutch. If air gets into the hydraulic system, you must bleed it out, or the clutch will not function correctly. A typical symptom of this is a failure of the clutch to fully disengage, making putting the truck in gear more difficult.

Things You'll Need
1 qt. DOT 3 brake fluid
Floor jack
Jack stands
1/4-inch rubber hose, 2 feet long
Small, clear container
Combination wrench set
Open the F-150's hood and pull the lid from the clutch master cylinder reservoir. Pull the rubber diaphragm from inside the master cylinder reservoir. Fill the master cylinder reservoir with DOT 3 brake fluid until it reaches the "Max" line. Set the diaphragm back in the reservoir and press the lid back on.

Raise the front of the truck, using a floor jack. Set jack stands under the frame rails and lower the truck onto the jack stands.

Crawl beneath the front of the vehicle until you are just behind the transmission bell-housing. Locate the clutch slave cylinder bleeder valve on the passenger's side of the transmission, just below the metal hydraulic line going into the transmission.

Press one end of a 2-foot-long length of 1/4-inch rubber hose onto the bleeder valve, and put the other end of the hose into a clear container.

Open the bleeder valve by turning it counterclockwise about a 1/2-turn with a combination wrench. Watch for fluid to start flowing from the tube into the container. If the fluid is not a steady stream, then there is air in the clutch's hydraulic system.

Close the bleeder valve once a steady, uninterrupted flow of fluid flows from the rubber hose, using a combination wrench.

Raise the F-150 off the jack stands, using a floor jack, and remove the jack stands. Lower the vehicle to the ground.

Check the fluid level in the master cylinder. Add more fluid by following the process in Step 1, if the fluid level is not within the "Min" and "Max" lines on the master cylinder reservoir

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