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Garage Talk: Shop Class 101
This is the place to post technical articles and completed projects. Please make sure they are complete, check for typos and host all images in the FTC gallery located Here. If you need help, please ask the staff.

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Old May 11th, 2012, 11:32 AM
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Exclamation How To: Replace Fuel Filter (04-08 F150)

So, the maintenace manual for the truck says the fuel filter gets replaced at 30K mile intervals. So, for my first filter chance, I went with Motorcraft brand. I think I'll go Wix or see if I can get the Motocraft brand from O'Reillys.

The process is pretty simple. The only specialty tool you'll need is a fuel line disconnect tool.

Step 1 Disconnect electrical connector:

Step 2 Relieve fuel system pressure:
Start the truck, and let it stall out. Start the truck a couple more times to ensure you've relieved as much pressure out of the system. Book says to let the starter run for about 5 seconds.
*Note, with my truck, it has an electronic, computer controlled system to say when the starter shuts off. Releasing the key from Start to Run will not shut the starter off. The computer "tells" the starter to shut off when the engine starts. You have to manually turn the key to OFF.

Step 3 Disconnect Fuel Lines
This is when you'll know that you've relieved pressure or not. I suggest using some sort of catch container that you can put up towards the coupling as you're disconnecting them. This will catch whatever drains out of the line by gravity, and if the pressure wasn't relieved, will keep the fuel from spraying everywhere.

Step 4 Remove/Replace Fuel Filter

There's not much to add. Just reverse procedure to install. Just make sure the couplings are completely attached to the filter. You should hear a click when you push the couplings on. Once you're done, and everything is back to what it looked like before you started, you can start the truck and check for leaks. Remember, the truck might not start right away. Prime/pressurize the fuel line by turning to the key to Run, letting the fuel pump run it's cycle, then turn the key to Off. Do this a couple times. Then start the truck. It should start almost right away.

Here's what I poured out of my fuel filter:

And this is only after 29,700 miles!

Filters are preventive maintenance. Some say, "If it ain't broke, don't fix it!" Well... a $25 filter (I bought it from the parts counter at the stealership, I don't want to talk about it) beats replacing the fuel pump, clogged injectors, bad gas mileage, and whatever else that can result from a clogged filter.

Depending on if you bought your truck new or used, this could be the most expensive investment (2nd if you bought a house) of your life. Take care of it and it'll last a long time.
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Old May 11th, 2012, 09:54 PM
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good photos

one day I'll figuer out how to do them arrows and circles

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